We had the opportunity to have a short interview with the SunStroke Project who will represent Moldova for the second time in the Eurovision Song Contest. Moldova will compete in the first semi-final with the song “Hey Mamma” with our country to be held in Kyiv on 9th of May.

Thanks for letting us interview you and good luck for the contest in Kyiv!

 İA: So how did your second Eurovision journey begin? What reasons led you to decide to represent your country one more time?

Well, three years in a row we did not get to final. As experienced participants this year we will represent Moldova and hope to return to its former glory.


İA: What do you feel is a difference now from your first attempt at the contest?

 We are sure that the difference in these competitions consists only in participants and in musical material because have already passed 7 years, music changes every day. As for the organizational moments, we are sure that everything will be also accurate and coped.


İA: Run away or Hey Mamma? 

 The choice between “Run Away” and “Hey Mamma” in principle isn’t possible because “Run Away” has been written in 2010 and was actual for those times, and “Hey Mamma” is a track which is executed in trends of modern musical compositions.

İA: Epic sax guy went viral after Eurovision and now you’re one of the most famous faces of the contest. Do you want to comment anything about that?

EpicSaxGuy: Of course it is pleasant to any actor to realize that his face becomes recognizable. This is the recognition of my modest, but bright talent. I am very glad to it and I hope that farther will be even more.


 İA: What do you think about Dihaj, the Azerbaijani representative?

 We are very good friends with Azerbaijan and this country usually every year has unbelievably good songs! Dihaj is very professional singer and we really love her song!


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